NATCOM Inventory Control

An accurate inventory is the most important factor in maximizing manufacturing enterprise and supply chain efficiency. With NATCOM Inventory Control, tracking, managing and controlling inventory and costs is never been easier. Enables either serialized or non-serialized barcode transactions using handheld devices so users can manage inventory from receive through shipment without need any information into a desktop computer.

  • Quickly - Count, issue, move and receive items.
  • Record & track - Products serial numbers.
  • Efficiency - Allow workers to do their jobs on-the-go.
  • Accuracy - Eliminate the human error in data entry.
  • Speed - Reduce man hours through automated data capture.
  • Integrated – All data and transactions can be integrated with the back-office.
  • Reduce returns – As a result of the high efficiency and accuracy in the issue method.
  • Customize – NATCOM Inv. is a customize application based on client needs/requirements.  

Key Features
  • Multi- Warehousing: Track stock levels, changes and updates across multiple stores.
  • Serial Number tracking: Individual products can be tracked from purchasing to sales. Keeps accurate records of exactly which customer has which product.
  • Barcode scanning: To virtually removes human errors in the warehouse.
  • Batch Number Tracking: Identifying which customer has brought a certain range, of a certain product, from a certain supplier.
  • Stock Take: By the use of a handheld unit, this will interface directly with ERP Software. With the addition of a handheld, stock takes become a breeze to do and can be accomplished in less than two hours with the scanner unit.