NATCOM Inventory Control for Car Dealer

Car dealer they are concern about improving their service by satisfy customer need by fix accessories on the car according to customer order and change the color. These services improve customer satisfaction about car dealer service. But it is not easy to keep this service running smoothly without controlling delivery time and quality of service. This is where our application comes to solve. Supervisor will have full control about delivery time and quality of service by providing details report about fixing accessory process. Application running in two parts back office and Mobile device. Back office gives the supervisor the ability to monitor the performance of each worker on the field and status of each car. Mobile device is easy to carry and move in working area to feed the main database about working status. 
Main application feature:
  1. Car entrance to stock.
  2. Give each accessories fix time to calculate worker performance.
  3. Monitor car inspection for issues occur during fix process.
  4. Quality controls.
  5. Car dispatch.