Natcom Field Service


NATCOM Field Service is a friendly, affordable Field Service handhold application that works to organize and managing word orders services. With NATCOM Field Service, tracking, managing and controlling orders activities actual time is never been easier using handheld devices without need any information into a desktop computer. This allows field techs to quickly and easily access all the necessary information about a job right from their location saving time and eliminating the need to call back to the main office. 


- Worker time management - Work orders can be created and sent remotely to technicians.
- Customer Data Access - Technicians can access customer historical information anywhere.
- Hour’s tracking - Track activities actual start and end time.
- Efficiency - Allow technicians to do their jobs on-the-go.
- Accuracy - Eliminate the human error in data entry.
- Speed - Reduce man hours through automated data capture.
- Paperless - No need to fill out service order reports.
- Real-time information – To provide complete transparency.
- Integrated - All data and transactions are integrated with the back-office.
- Customize - Field service is a customize application based on client needs/requirements.